Local or 800#?

Newbie here. Working on my Pebble/OpenPhone setup.
Appreciate some thoughts/suggestions re: using Local phone numbers vs 800#s on both acquisition & disposition sides.
Seems organizing would be much easier with just two 800#s but that I might see a much higher response rate w/ Local #s.
Appreciate any and all responses.

@brettthompson my theory is that if you’re actively calling people from a phone number, it’s better to use a local area code (not toll free), preferably, in the same area code of the person you’re calling. But if you’re soliciting people and asking them to call you first, it’s better to use a toll-free number for that.

I don’t have any concrete proof that this is “the right way” to do it, but I know a lot of folks who do it this way, and this is how I do it as well, whatever that’s worth.

@retipsterseth Thanks Seth! These first few steps are quite intimidating. Your site & pods are very enlightening.

@brettthompson just this morning, I heard someone say,

“If it’s not intimidating, then it’s probably not that important. You need to constantly look for opportunities to go all out and step outside your comfort zone.”

Sounds like you’re doing it!

@retipsterseth Thanks again, Seth. I’m trying.
I should’ve clarified that I was a house investor 20 years ago so not a total newbie. Fortunately, I exited around the beginning of the housing crash.
Excited to get back into REI and especially looking forward to working in the land investing realm.
Thanks again for all you do for the community!

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