Looking for a free (or inexpensive) CRM system

Hello! Does anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive or free CRM system? I am losing track of some leads and need a system to help me keep track of them. I like the land specific Pebble.com platform but I cannot really justify spending $199 per month at this time. Thanks!

@melody-rauber you might check out Airtable. I’m still in the early stages of learning it myself, but if you’ve got a good framework built out for it (whether you build it yourself or buy an existing framework from someone else), it looks like it could be pretty powerful.

More on this in the coming months. :slight_smile: I’ve got it on my list to explore this is much greater depth later this year.

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@retipsterseth Thanks! I’ll check it out!

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@melody-rauber although i still have dfficulties to abandon the old-school excel
spreadsheets, I see Trello as a solid and flexible solution. The free version may be good enough for a new land investor and the business one expands capabilities and automations for bigger businesses (10 or 12 $/month if i recall right).

i have picked up Flowlu, it was a one time only purchase for fully featured CRM. The developers are continuing to plug away and add more to it.

I have their CRM pipeline connected directly to my site with webhooks, so if someone sends a form submission on the site it populates the lead pipeline. I’m pretty pleased so far.


@melody-rauber I have been looking at Airtable as well. I am just starting out here but have worked in various enterprise companies. Airtable was one of the new kids on the block but it packs a lot. From what I have seen so far, I believe the key is finding the rhythm for your business. As @retipsterseth points out and I agree, it is very powerful.

Excel …


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