Looking for Advice About My First Few Direct Mail Campaigns

As a new land investor I was wondering if any other new investors had some good advice about creating and carrying out a first or first few direct mail campaigns?

@rdupre Welcome to the forum! This topic has been come up several times and there are quite a few threads about it already in the forum. I would encourage you to go back through the forum and look at previous posts regarding new investors, as well as look for posts on other questions that you may have. I go back through old posts first whenever I have a question and sometimes it has already been answered in detail by someone else. This forum is a fantastic resource. Hope this helps!

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@rdupre new too here😁. Just having my first campaign out tomorrow. Feel free to get in touch if you want to.

@gaent ,thanks for taking the time. I see what you’re saying and have looked around the forum. Personally find it very hard to navigate but I’ll work on it.

@arturo, thanks for answering Arturo! Like to talk sometime if you have the chance. Where are you located? I live in NC. Thanks again.

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@rdupre I would suggest capturing as much data as possible about anything and everything you’re doing in your business, especially including your campaigns. You need to be able to make data driven decisions and eliminate as much subjective decision making in effort to run and operate a successful business.

I THINK the campaign was successful because of “X, Y, Z”. No, don’t do that. Take the time to record the details and attributes for your campaign. What kind of campaign was (postcard or blind offer), what size postcard, what size font, was it a specialized greeting, what is the median household income for the county, what is the percentage of individuals over 65 years old, what is the unemployment rate, what is the population growth, etc.

There are a million different attributes you can track and the more you track, the more you have, the more you’ll be able to look back on to help you derive why the campaign was successful or not. But none of that happens unless you take the time to do it AHEAD of time. It’s a lot of work but when Apple launches a new product, do you think they just slap something together and put it out on the market to see how it does? No, they’re testing that years in advance, collecting data and feedback and then once they have enough information, they’ll launch the product.

Now obviously you can’t do that from one or two campaigns, your sample size is not large enough. It’s going to take time and persistence, however, I promise you that if you stick to it and look at those attributes later on, it will give you much better insight (i.e. what counties to target and what to include in your message) than anything anyone on here will tell you about what you should be doing for YOUR business.

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@rdupre Little more on the East…currently living and working in Turkey)), I am Italian though.