Looking for Blog Post Mentioned on the Podcast

Thoroughly enjoyed this week's show, #079 with Andrew Flanagan. I'd really like to check out the previous blog post or video that he said @retipsterseth had done about processing large data files from counties. Something like .trp files? I've been searching but haven't hit on the right term yet, I guess. If anyone had a link, that would be much appreciated.


Thanks @SSE but I checked the show notes and didn't see the post/video that Andrew mentioned listed there with the other links, unless I missed it somehow. Specifically, copied from the transcript on the show notes page, the following is the reference I'm talking about (apparently it was a YouTube video). Andrew's talking about contacting counties directly for property lists.

"Andrew: I email them directly and just ask for it. And then they tell me the fee and it’s usually anywhere from $300 to $350, but I won’t pay over probably a hundred if it’s a quality county, but average, probably $10 to $50. A little key that I’ve found is half these counties if some of them have like an FTP site that they give you the login info and password and they never change it. So, once you get it, you have their code and password. I’ve done that for multiple counties. Just refresh it every six months.

Seth: That’s awesome. I never thought about that. That’s something that I think confuses a lot of people when they get that. They’re like what? Like FTP, huh? Just give me an Excel file and I’ll be good. But that’s a nice little hack there.

Andrew: Your video on YouTube helped me extract that TRP file or whatever it is. Massive file. And you put the little lines.

Seth: Yeah.

Andrew: That’s a game-changer."

@dl7573 I think it’s this video..


Thanks @AFlanagan . I look forward to checking out the video. Really enjoyed the podcast episode. Congrats on your success!

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I also thought @aflanagan's podcast interview was great. Very inspiring!

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Totally agree, the episode with Andrew Flanagan was excellent! Keep up the good work Seth and Jaren!

@aflanagan Hi, Andrew. I saw your interview with Seth and it’s one of the most practical interviews I’ve seen yet. Thanks for sharing all that information! I’m also looking for the YouTube video you mention but I don’t see the link in the forum post. Would you mind reposting it? Thanks again!

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@danlavely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tCkzCMqopM

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@aflanagan Aha! I see now it’s a comma-delimited file. I actually work with Excel so I understand this. But I did not know what a TRP file was, and I’ve run across some data formats that I couldn’t figure out, was thinking this might be one of them. Very helpful, thanks for responding!