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I’m getting started in the land business - I’ve closed one deal, have one pending, and the most recent mailer I sent out yielded more deals than I can currently handle on my own. The deals are all in Colorado which is a new area for me. Just posting to see if anyone might be interested in partnering up on a few of these. Message me if you are interested in talking further.

@josh-white sounds like a good problem to have. From all the chatter I hear about this in the various forums and FB groups, there seem to be more people with money who want to partner with people like you than vice versa (I have no data to support that, it’s just my general sense).

In general, most land funders are looking for active land flippers who have at least a few deals under their belt and a decent enough track record to show that they’re reliable enough to buy the property and get it sold.

As you’re looking for people to partner with you, anything you can do to instill this kind of confidence will go a long way in helping you find good sources of money.

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@josh-white Hi Josh, I’m new to the land business too and hope to send out my first mailer soon. I’d love to chat with you to see where you are with your progress and potentially work with you on a few deals. Feel free to DM me with contact info if you’re interested. Thanks!

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@josh-white Hi Josh. I hope all is well. Check your inbox. Thank you.

@josh-white Hey Josh - welcome to the land business! I’ve been partnering with other land investors for several years (in addition to running my own land investing business) and I currently have space for more partnerships. Just sent you a PM.