Looking for submission form examples for real estate buying website

Hello everyone,

I recently finished the Masterclass course and started taking action on building out my business. Does anyone here in the community have submission form examples, templates, or even a website link because I need to know what pertinent information to ask prospective sellers when they do type in their property details onto a information submission form. I truly appreciate the help ahead of time!


Hey @alfjomoc! If you take a look at the phone call checklist in this blog post (I have checklists for several different property types, just look for the one on vacant land), you can see most of the questions I would ask in that form.

They’re a lot of the same questions you would normally ask on your first phone call with them, you’d just gather the same information through your website instead.

Hey @retipsterseth , thank you for the response! I will definitely check out the blog post you recommended and apply the questions onto the submission form. Thank you again.

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