Looking for VA recommendations

Hello, I am looking to hire a VA to take on due diligence for now, with the option for more in the future. I've heard mixed reviews about the land-specific VA sites and so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?


@anjewlah After watching all of their "how to" videos, I hired my VA from onlinejobs.ph and am really happy with her. Caveat: I haven't started her on land investing tasks yet, but there seems to be lots of capable talent on their site and narrowing down the list of qualified applicants was a tough task. Obviously, not hiring from a land-specific site will force me to teach her all of the processes from the ground up.

@anjewlah I've heard good things about onlinejobs.ph as well, so that could be one place worth starting.

I do have some first-hand experience with Outsource Accelerator (based in the Philippines) and was able to hire some good help through them. The process starts with you putting together a detailed job description (the more detail, the better) and then they find and qualify several candidates for you. Each one submits the usual cover letter and resume and a video of themselves so you can get a feel for who each person is.

From there, you can pick which ones you want to interview and all of the HR and billing is handled by Outsource Accelerator. OA also provides a physical desk and computer for your employee to work from, it's pretty slick.

Keep in mind though, no VA is a miracle worker, they're just a person. They require a lot of ongoing communication, training, and everything else you should expect from hiring an employee.

@scottholmes thanks so much!

@anjewlah To piggyback on Seth's comment, the process you use is probably about as important as the site you hire from. Over a period of about two weeks, I sent out multiple emails requiring attention to detail in their response, asked them to fill out a google form survey, did a (paid) research tasking to evaluate their results, and finally an interview with my first choice to make sure it would be a good fit.

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