Looking for Virtual Assistant to Scrub Data

I’m looking for a VA to scrub data on a regular basis, for blind offers for land. Are there any companies that you might recommend? Thanks.

@Jay-B can you give me an example of what you’re looking to scrub?

There are many automation tools out there nowadays that you might be able to leverage, typically for free. Especially when it comes to scrubbing data. As long as your scrubbing approach is somewhat defined/structured, I’m sure it’s possible.

I’d be happy to help too. My day job is a data engineer - technology and automation are my hobbies.

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Thanks. I need to get raw data from companies like Core Logic or Data Tree, to a format for mailing blind offers for land. My process is defined and structured. The problem is there are some subjective decisions that need to be made during the process that might be difficult to automate. I have a VA and that has worked for me. But I’m losing him.

@jay-b yeah if there is any subjective decision making, automation will be tough.

If you are interested in exploring some options though, feel free to shoot me a message and we can talk more.

@dvucak Please let me know how to best reach you. I would like to discuss this with you over the phone. Thanks.