Mail Delays

Hey all,

Anyone experiencing mail delays for large portions of their mailer? I received my self-addressed piece a couple days after my order shipped, and received a call around the same time. Since then (3 weeks later), nothing. I know that striking out is a distinct possibility, but given that I sent > 700 postcards targeted mostly at HOA properties, and received multiple calls each of the other two times I mailed this area, my gut tells me that something else is at play. I get one or two returned pieces a couple times a week, so I’m wondering if the mail is just really slow (even though it’s first class priority).



@rmiller1291 what kind of postage were you using? First-class or standard pre-sort?

What mail service did you use?

Where did you get your list from?

How far away are the recipients from the location where your mail was shipped out of?

If it’s standard pre-sort, 3 weeks sounds about right for the timeline of delivery but if it’s first class, it should be getting there a lot faster than that.

@charlotteirwin hey charlotte, I’m using first class mail through iTi direct mail. It’s looking like this might just be a bust that I wasn’t expecting. On to the next one!