Mail Merge Mishap. Lessons Learned from Mixed-Up Mailing Care-of Names

I had another mailer mess-up. I’ve been sending using Pebble, and when I uploaded my document the mailing care-of names were all mixed up. Not sure how it happened, but I’m using it as a learning exercise. I sent 93 letters, and so far I’ve had 2 people call me to point out the mistake. So that’s about a 2% open rate. I’ll keep this post updated as more calls trickle in.

Hey @shanebpp - founder of Pebble here.

What do you mean when you have a mailer mess-up? Would be interested to hear more about this. Pebble doesn’t touch the owners name, but was the wrong column selected?

@jessey during all my sorting and sifting, I got the Mail Care Of names mixed with the wrong addresses. Totally my fault. I’ve been using you guys for mailing and am very satisfied! I’ve been using the blind offer template from Travis, but for my next batch I’m switching to the range letter. I’m getting calls but can’t seem to get my pricing dialed in.

@shanebpp Glad to hear that all is good. It’s always a good idea to start a new mailing at a slower drip to make sure all is good, then turn it up afterwards - especially on your first new mailings incase you’re just new to a lot of things.