Mapright and Data Tree

I see the value in both of these services but wondered if there was any reason to have both. Does anyone else have and use both? Thanks.

@johnsonsteven77 there’s definitely some overlap, but I can see value in having both. MapRight offers easy access to a lot of mapping layers you can’t get in DataTree (you actually can get a lot of those layers from other places, sometimes for free, but MapRight just makes it convenient, so you can find it all in one place).

If you find yourself switching between several tabs and programs on a daily basis for your property research, I would think there’s a pretty solid case for getting MapRight.

@retipsterseth for Mapright I understand you have to pay separate for parcel overlays and can get the whole US or just by state. But do the other mapping capabilities cover the whole US with the monthly plan?

@johnsonsteven77 yep, that’s right.

Parlay will cover the whole US for a single annual fee. You can also download other KMZ files (separate from Parlay) to show you some of the same things that MapRight would show you… but it ends up being more of a “Frankensteined-together” system, whereas MapRight offers a better user experience with everything under one roof (but of course, the downside is, they kinda nickel-and-dime you for each state).

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I use both. These are two tools in my toolbox that are "must have’ to run my business. I have tested, or used, the top three data providers. I prefer Data Tree and standardized on it about 3 years ago. I have tested, and/or been a paying customer for, 4 or 5 of the top mapping software vendors. That doesn’t include using the county-by-county CAD systems. I much prefer Map Right and highly recommend it. Map Right offers a nationwide subscription. That’s what I have. It runs about $100/month. If you are starting out, just pay for 1 state. That will help keep your cost down while you learn and grown your business.


@jay-b thanks for the input. I kinda felt like both would be beneficial.