Marketing during the holidays

What's everyone's take on marketing/sending direct mail around the holidays? Do you see a decrease in response rates? I personally stop my marketing around this time of the year, but with the COVID situation there's probably a lot less people traveling for vacation so I'm thinking about sending out some mailers

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I've never personally seen a huge fluctuation in the response rate during the holiday months (unless we're talking strictly about Thanksgiving weekend, or between Christmas and New Years... then maybe). There may be some perception of this, but I just haven't seen it enough to be sure it's happening.

If we're talking about selling properties, there could be a little bit of slowness in the states where there is snow cover... but even that could be a perceived bias. I know I've always been able to sell my snow-covered properties fast enough (sales definitely don't stop in the winter). If you've got an attractive listing price and/or terms, the buyers will come out of the woodwork.

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It seems to me that marketing at this time of year, on the contrary, is the most effective. People are resting; some even get bored. Plus, there is a festive atmosphere in the air. This pushes you to adventure, to new things. I think you should reconsider your approach to this.
Of course, you should not be annoying. Otherwise, it will alienate the client on the contrary. That is why it is important to remember when you called/ wrote to the client. Unfortunately, few people think about this. But, for example, the company where I work recently switched to CRM thanks to a good agency — This system allows you to store all the information about the client. Very convenient.
By the way, what do you think about mailing lists? Is this still relevant?