Hello fellow land investors,

I’ve acquired a few parcels recently in AZ and have had a hard time selling them off, I think they are in a decent location and they have utilities available as well. It’s been over a year so far, I keep getting good leads and then things kind of die off.

Does anyone have any advice for marking to sell land? I’m using Zillow and Craig’s List currently to market my properties and even have a real estate agent helping me try to sell them as well.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

@rphil99, how closely have you looked at what your real estate agent is doing for you? Are they placing signs on the property? Where do they have it listed? What suggestions do they have for getting traction? How long have they been listing it for you? If they’ve been at it for six months with no real action, they ought to have some ideas for what you can do to make them move.

Most land investors hire agents so they don’t have to worry about listing their properties on Zillow and Craiglist. The agent needs to own the selling process 100% and get results, so you don’t have to spend your time on this. If they aren’t cutting it or giving you much helpful feedback on what the problem is, you may want to look for a different agent.

@rphil99 where in AZ, if you don’t mind me asking?

@retipsterseth It’s been some time now with no real results. I may need to look into a different agent or potentially someone who specializes in raw vacant land. Thank you for the feed back, much appreciated!

@arturo The Pinal county area.

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@rphil99 I would definitely look for someone who specializes in land, this is a bare minimum box that needs to be checked (even a land specialized agent can still drop the ball, but at least they should understand some basics about how land works).

@retipsterseth My mistake was not choosing someone who specializes in vacant land. It seems they just want to wait for people to reach out to them from their listings. Going forward I will certainly choose an agent who specializes in land. For now do you have any suggestions for my own marketing of the properties other than Zillow and CL?