Naming a DBA

Hello everyone I am new to the forum and just getting started with land investing, I have done most of the basic things when getting started such as making a phone system, company email and starting an LLC. I was recently watching one of the office hours YouTube videos where Seth discussed how he buys land with his LLC and has a DBA to differentiate from his LLC when he sells the parcels of land. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some naming conventions for this sort of thing.

Lets say for example my LLC is called “John Doe Real Estate” what are some good examples for a DBA I could use? Just looking for some inspiration as I am not the most creative person when it comes to this sort of thing.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks.

@rphil99 you could use that existing LLC name for either the buying or selling arm.

If you’re trying to come up with a dba for the buying arm, you could include the word “buyers” or “acquisition” or “holdings”… take your pick.

For the selling arm, you could come use “land store” or “land deals” or something.

If it were me, I’d try to use two completely different names so there are no similarities between the two, but that’s just me.

Use your creativity and have fun with it!

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@retipsterseth yes my goal is to use two completely different names, I have already formed my LLC but wasn’t sure what to name a DBA and needed some inspiration. Your suggestions helped a lot though and definitely gave me somewhere to start, thanks a lot!

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@rphil99 hi Ross, i noodled around for a while thinking up dba names as well.
some thoughts:
keep in mind that whatever names you pick, you will be using those same names in your email domain name (e.g., [email protected]) and website url (–make sure that whatever you pick, you like how it sounds and reads in the context of your email and land sites.
second: to get some inspiration, check out a few State websites for the division of corporations. type in “land” and “acres” and other real estate and land related words to see what pops up. scroll through the names of businesses—might spur some ideas of your own.
third: use a dictionary—look up the definition of land, acres, parcel, amazing, honest, awesome, etc…again, maybe something will click for you
fourth: pick something that your customers will have a hard time misspelling
fifth: develop a list then run it by a few friends or relatives to get their impressions and comments—that was a key step for me.
Last: don’t agonize too long, give yourself 30 minutes to brainstorm (alone or even better with a trusted someone or someones) business names using one or more of the techniques above (or your own of course), get some feedback on your choices, make a decision, move on.