Negotiation Tips

What do you think are the best negotiating tips that often work during the purchase of a new property?


Let the seller do most of the talking. Often times they will reveal their motivation for selling and possible defects with the property which gives you more leverage. To that end, don't be afraid of awkward silence. After you ask a question, let the seller talk and after they finish wait 5-10 seconds. People don't like awkward silence and will start talking to fill that void, which again can benefit you. I also find that the more a person talks and the more you listen, the more rapport you'll end up having with them. Overall though, I think the most important thing is managing expectations. Let them know up front that you won't be able to pay full market value and explain what you can offer instead (quick closing, covering all the closing costs, etc.)


This is a really great tip from @Dan !

I completely agree, let the seller talk and they'll usually reveal their motivation to sell.

Those are some great points, @Dan.

We actually talked about this a bit with Kris Haskins on the podcast not long ago, he had some pretty good insights on the matter:

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