Neighbor wants a road easement through my property. What should I charge for this?

A neighbor to a parcel that I own wants to cut an access road through my property.

I’m new to this. I know an easement deed is required and the neighbor would need a survey. How do you calculate a fair price to grant an easement?

I’m thinking to possibly grant the easement for 5 years.

@suitedconnector I would try to find a lawyer in the area that has helped people with easements in the past. They would be able to help you with the process and also help you determine an adequate fee for the easement.


Basically you are creating a dominant tenant.

It some cases a survey is needed, but it depends on what your property has already.

I highly doubt your neighbor will be interested in anything for 5 years... they are looking for permanance before building their road.

I would look at this on a case by case basis. If its a neighbor that needs access and my parcel is large and wouldnt affected much, I have in some cases just given it to them. If its a smaller property I would look at the percentage/value for the amount of land use I would lose and charge them market value.

What I mean is, if you have a half acre lot and the easement roadway will take up 1/6 of you lot then a starting point is the loss in value.

I would make the buyer would pay for the legal fees on this... on top of the consideration for the easement.