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Hey, everyone. I’m just starting out in land investing. I’m from North Carolina. So far, I’ve created my LLC and sent out my first mailing. I found Seth on BP and his information has been a great help to get me started.

Just saying hi to everyone and hope you’re all finding success!

@carolinajay Welcome to the forum!

@violeta Thanks for the welcome!

Welcome @carolinajay ! Congrats on getting the first mailer out the door.

@lindah Thanks. Sitting here watching Sunday Night Football and emailing new counties for lists so I can get another mailer out and, hopefully, a few deals.

Welcome to the forum, @carolinajay! Glad to have you here.

Nice work taking action. :slight_smile:

@retipsterseth Thanks man. You give such great information and are so down to earth with it. You don’t make it seem gimmicky, or some type of guru nonsense that’s halfway shady. That’s what I like about how you present yourself and your site. I hope you have much continued success and thanks for all the help you give.

@carolinajay thanks so much! I appreciate that a lot. If you ever feel otherwise, I hope you’ll let me know. :slight_smile:

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@carolinajay Do you invest in KC?

@noahcull I haven’t, yet. I have a list ready to send out here in my home state and have a list that I bought from a county being generated me. I’ve only looked here, but will branch out.

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@carolinajay Okay. Want me to add you to my email list?

@noahcull Yes

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@carolinajay What’s your email?


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