New Interested Flipper!

Hello! My name is Cory. I’m 36 years old and live in Western PA with my wife and 4 young kiddos. We own 27 units of a restaurant franchise and split our time between the US and the country of Panama. Been exploring land flipping for the past 9 weeks - read the books, listened to the podcasts, talked to a bunch of people via email…now just trying to figure out where and how to start!

@cstesprit welcome to the forum! I’m glad you found us. What part of Panama do you work and travel in?

If you have any questions or get stuck on anything, feel free to post here and I’m sure one of us will chime in with our two cents. :slight_smile:

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@retipsterseth Hi Seth - sorry I didn’t see this reply before!! We have a house in Nueva Gorgona, Panama (about 1.5 hours outside of Panama City right on the Pacific Coast (prob a 5 min drive from the beach). We love it down there! We also have 2 commercial properties (retail and apartments) in western PA, but really looking into getting into land investing. My mom was a real estate agent for 30 years growing up. With that and my own journey, it’s always been an interest. I’ve been lurking on ReTipster and other land investment websites for about 6 months now and just finding it hard to pull the trigger on a course. I’m reading voraciously, listening to every podcast, in the groups online, and more - but it’s daunting. I know, honestly, doing one of the courses is probably where I need to be.

@cstesprit Welcome Cory