New Investor Coastal South Carolina

New to the forums have been picking through RETipster articles for a few weeks now. My wife and I had a new wedding venue in motion before covid, but that has been put on hold for the time being. So after juggling a few ideas around, we landed on land flipping. Our original idea was just buying lots for sale and clearing, cleaning, and then reselling them. That was until we came across @retipsterseth.

We are being a little more targeted with our mailers as there is a lot of land that is fairly useless for development due to wetlands or would require more work than a normal person would want to deal with. But we have a list of property that we plan on getting mailers out this next week!

When you are too narrow with your target mailers, you may find you miss out on opportunities. There is this constant tension between acquisitions and time. You can spend a lot of time up front refining your mailing list that doesn’t net you a deal. In my experience, the best deals get done over the phone. Therefore, the secret is to get your phone ringing. Get some experience talking to sellers as they respond to your mailers. In that case, even if you don’t get a deal, you have gained some experience that will continue to propel you ahead. Good luck with your mailer and welcome to land investing! If I am not mistaken, South Carolina is one of the nations most popular tax sale states.

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