New Member from Australia

Hi everyone,

New member here, I have been following Seth for about 3 months now and learning about land investing.

Really amazed by some of the stories and strategies around Land. I’m from Australia and looking to start my journey. It seems rather American based but is anyone on here investing in Australia?

Would love to ask a few questions.

Best of luck for all your deals in 2022.

@evan102 welcome to the forum! It’s great to see you here.

There are at least a couple of Australian investors in the REtipster crowd. :slight_smile: You may want to check out this interview with Alicia and Matt where they explain how they’ve been able to make it work from your side of the globe.

@evan102 Hi! I flip land in US living in Italy. Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help.

Great episode on your podcast, thanks for that @retipsterseth!

Hi @Arturo I will certainly reach out at some point!

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@evan102 Hi! I’m in this business and live in Germany, supported by a team from the Philippines and some US local services. Reach out if you need help

@nicoleschieber Hi Nicole, Thanks for reaching out.
What were the first few things you set up when you started?

@evan102 Mail address, registered agent, C Corp, bank account, phone system, CRM system. After that domains/web Pages and email addresses, call center, mailing house account, list broker account. I think that’s what I started with. An a VPN (I used tunnel bear)

@nicoleschieber Wow, Thank you so much for that! Much appreciated Nicole.