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Hey Tipsters. I just got signed up with the Masterclass and I am doing my market research right now. So far I am very impressed (and overwhelmed) with the all the content, but I’m picking away at it daily here.

My day job is an airline pilot with a major US airline. My real estate investing consists of some rental properties and that’s it. I found this niche very appealing since I can take it on the road with me and also leverage my travel capabilities to check out different places.

I’m looking forward to learning as much as possible and building a successful side business that I hope I can one day parlay into something full time.

@gmichne Welcome! I too am new and think we’ve found a good group with lots of helpful information. I wish you the best.

Welcome to the community, @gmichne - it’s great to have you here! Given your career, I would agree, especially if you have downtime when between trips, it sounds like you can probably utilize that time to make some headway in the land business.

Keep us posted on how it’s going!

@gmichne Welcome to the community! Congratulations on making the jump. The course is amazing and this community is awesome. Best of luck as you add land investing to your portfolio of investment skills!


Welcome Greg!

How’s the Land Masterclass? Would you recommend it?

@mikedroc23 Welcome in the Masterclass Family😁!

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@mikedroc23 If you have spent any time in the forum or on, you have a feel for the thoroughness and quality that @retipsterseth puts into every piece of content and every comment. I have taken multiple courses through the years and can say with confidence that the Land Investing Masterclass is the most thorough and comprehensive I have ever participated in. It gave my wife and I everything we needed to start a successful land business. Follow the steps the way Seth lays them out and you will do the same. Another perk: there is never an upsell. I have become increasingly cynical in this space as it seems everywhere I turn, I am being sold a coaching program or a service. With the Masterclass, you get everything in one shot and you have it forever. If you want to find the shortcut to success in the land business, this is it.


Hey Cody, thanks for the response! I really appreciate your honesty and insight. I have definitely found value in everything that Seth has put out through podcasts, blogs, and videos. Best of luck to you and your business.