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So I went ahead and bought Seth’s masterclass. Am totally getting cold feet now. I dont have a county to work off yet (but I have educated myself about a few). Trying to get myself ready to cold call counties to get the delinquent tax list. Debating buying agentpro. Any county that seems friendly to newbie’s like me? Where can I get this “magical” county that I can get the list off fairly easily and can help me hit the ground running? My initial research has led me to a few counties in NM and AZ (I am sure you all know which counties :))A few whole sellers have contacted me - shd I buy from them and try to retail? This is so nerve wracking, breaking into a sweat. Someone tell me to breathe - and I can do this all by myself as a side gig.

@chandana23 noooooo! Don’t get cold feet!

I actually totally understand the discomfort of getting on the phone and taking these first few steps. I remember being apprehensive, but I’m SO glad I got over it.

I can’t promise any step along the way will be easy. Some of these interactions will go your way and some of them won’t. There is no magical county or list that will guarantee a deal. It’s entirely possible that your first campaign will flop. That’s just the reality of any business.

BUT, it’s also possible that you’ll put in the time and effort and you’ll be blown away by the results. The first time you get an offer accepted is an incredible rush, and the first time you deposit a huge check into your bank account is even better… but the only way you’ll ever experience any of those things is if you lean into the discomfort, take calculated risks and get over the fear of making mistakes or feeling like a fool. You can do it!

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I had the same feelings a few months ago and now that I have a few deals under my belt, my confidence is night and day better! You just have to do it! There is no harm in making a phone call… And you dont have to sound like an expert when talking to the county. Just be humble and honest and they will help if they can. And if they don’t, move to the next county. Just take it one step at a time! “Ease is the absence of progress.”



Hi Chandana. I can’t encourage you enough to just dive in and trust the process. I do this by myself as a side hustle as well. Don’t be afraid of failure. You will likely make mistakes but that doesn’t matter as much as how you respond to those mistakes. I promise you it can work, I also promise there will be obstacles. I have been at it a few months and have only closed two deals so far, but those deals have more than paid for my education cost and my expenses. You learn a lot along the way and there will be challenges. I had an accepted get accepted and walk away last minute, dealing with municipalities is a headache, almost bought a property that was wet (didn’t show in wetland map). You just push through and in the end, you will be rewarded.

Best of luck!
“I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Hey Chandana-

I just bought the masterclass a few weeks ago as well. I’m a newbie at RE, but not at business. I came in with a mindset the I’ll screw up and learn the most from the first 3-5 deals, so the faster I can get those out the way the better.

Far from a pro, but after trying several we’ve settled on DataTree (although I just heard about which puts DT into a more user-friendly format).

Glad to connect and start this journey together if wanted. I just mailed 4k letters to TN; expecting calls/email to start rolling in pretty soon.

Here’s the setup we’re starting with:

REI Conversion - buying website
Data Tree
Pebble - direct mail + lead tracking
PATLive - inbound call agents

No clue which sites to use on the closing side yet but have heard of Fabrica, Simplifile and a few others that help to streamline the closing process.

@jason-pratt WOW! Ure jumping in with both feet. I’m starting small and intend to go slow, in the beginning.Good luck. Im starting with google voice and a UPS address and plan to self close, if / when I get a deal. Cash deals the first few times, when time approaches. I’m doing AZ - still narrowing down counties. Good luck! Let’s share progress in a few months?

@tylerd Thanks! Starting steady but small.