No HOA but ARC?

What is the difference?

Currently in a limbo, I purchased a property fairly quick, I offered fast cash and a quick close. I asked if the property had HOA and the seller said no which is true. I later found out once i closed on it by a neighbor that the area has an Archetecual Review Committee, which prevents me from building on the lot i purchased. My intent was to build a Storage facility for a boat as the neighboring lot has exactly what i would like on my lot as well.

When i learned this i reached out to the ARC and they said i was not able to build on the lot to where i was shocked and asked “why not, the lot next door has the same thing are they in violation as well”? Her response was they were “grandfathered in”.

Now i have an unbuildable lot that im not sure what i can do with if i sell it i will not feel ethical selling a lot to someone else that wont be able to use the lot.

any suggestions?

@ramrodd ech. I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve had similar unwanted surprises before, and I know it feels like a kick in the gut.

How big is this lot? Does it have any trees on it? Is there any chance an adjoining neighbor would want it? Is there ANY circumstance whatsoever where the ARC would make an exception to this rule? If so, how could you go about appealing it? If there’s no way around it, is this a temporary rule (building moratoriums usually aren’t intended to be forever)? If it’s temporary, how much longer will it last?

It can help to understand the reason behind this rule. Committees are just small groups of people, and people make decisions for all kinds of emotional and irrational reasons. If you can understand how and why they came to that decision and speak to whatever the underlying problem is, you might be able to find a workaround.

@ramrodd Ask around and find an attorney who has demonstrated success in overcoming such restrictions.