Northwest Registered Agent Issue

Hello! I am trying to set up my LLC on North West Registered Agent. Has anyone had any issues clicking submit after filling out the required information?

@gordonj what’s happening exactly? Is the button reacting at all? Did you get any kind of email confirmation that it went through?

I haven’t heard of this from anyone else, but I’ll keep an ear/eye out for it. Hopefully it’s not a recurring issue with others. :confused:

@retipsterseth Good morning from Japan!! Basically the button wouldn’t do anything. I got ahold of the support team and they told me to clear my cache (did that already) or use an incognito browser tab. I used the incognito browser and it worked.

The button and page was unresponsive when clicking submit after verifying everything. Was able to submit earlier this morning.

@gordonj alright. I’m glad to hear it worked out. Those browser caches can do weird things sometimes.