Notary Needed for Land Sales?

Anyone have bad experiences because you didn’t have a buyer notarize a land sale/terms agreement?

@ivyrealtyland can you elaborate on what you mean by “bad experience”?

And are you referring to the loan documents on a seller financed deal or just a purchase agreement on a cash deal (or something else entirely)?

Generally speaking, notarization is required for any documents that need to be recorded, so if you’re not recording something, the only reason to notarize it is if some other party (like a bank or title company, for instance) wants it to be, which would be unusual.

@retipsterseth Hi Seth - To clarify, I’m asking whether anyone has ever had a land sale contract invalidated in court because it wasn’t notarized? Thank you.

I’m new to all this myself but I do not believe it is required or even standard practice in any real estate deal to have the sales contract notarized. I have bought and sold many personal homes over the years and have never had sales contract notarized. Having said that if you feel more comfortable having a notarized sales contract, you could always add it to the paperwork to be signed at closing and ask the notary or closing agent to have it notarized.

@miky443 Thank you.

@ivyrealtyland Never hav had one notarized and never had a problem - bu tthe deed has always ben notarized.

@karljames Thank you!

@ivyrealtyland Ask a title company. I imagine that if title companies do not comment about your PA not being notarized then it’s not a problem.

@ivyrealtyland Sales contract does not have to be notarized, but it should be WITNESSED in case either buyer or seller wants to get out of the deal by claiming that he/she never signed the document or never even saw it.