Owner Finance Market vs Cash Sale Markets

I am wondering if certain markets lend themselves more towards owner financing land deals vs cash sales. If you have found this to be the case, what criteria makes for a good owner finance market and vice versa? Or perhaps it is the type/size/price of the lot that is more of an owner finance deal maker? I am asking because I suspect I am in an owner finance county because of the frequency of times people have asked me if I will finance. But I need to sell for cash. What kinds of things should I look for in a cash sale kinda market?

I think the market could have some influence (say if every other land seller is also offering owner financing), but more often than not, I think I've seen more of a correlation to the property itself.

It's not uncommon for people to ask if seller financing is available on vacant land (I get this quite a bit too, even when I don't advertise it). Vacant land is just a hard type of property to get financing for, so if YOU (as the seller) don't finance it, your buyer's only other option will be to pay cash. Some buyers can do this, but many cannot.

@freesiapropco, something that I've learned and mentioned in another thread or two recently, is that there can be differences in state law that could potentially have a big impact on an investor's decision to owner-finance a deal or not. In some states, it's possible to structure such a deal in a way that if the buyer defaults, cancelling the deal and being able to move on to sell it to someone else can be done very easily by the investor/seller; however, in some other states (like Florida), if your buyer defaults, unless they voluntarily agree to a deed in lieu of foreclosure, my understanding is that there's no way to avoid having to go through the judicial foreclosure process, regardless of how you've structured the deal. So depending on the investor's risk tolerance and how much they're collecting as a down payment, etc., I would personally give those location-specific laws regarding default a bit of consideration before deciding how to proceed.

Request the data directly from the counties, and then mail to only out of state property owners.

This is a good question, I too would like to know how much more attractive a seller financed property can be. Is there a rule of thumb for interest rates for seller financed.

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I have found that more rural areas, and in general lower priced and less desireable properties lend themselves to owner financing better.