Owners overseas

Has anyone made a deal with owners overseas? I’m wondering what your experience was like with it and how this can be done. Thanks!

@sgurney it can be done. One of the biggest dilemmas (depending on the country) is usually getting a notary signature. Depending on the country, they may or may not have ‘notaries’ (or notary equivalents) as we know them in the US. In those cases, they may drive to the nearest US Embassy or get a notary signature through some online notarizing service (which could also be problematic if the county requires wet signatures).

If I remember right, I think this subject came up in our conversation with @rockwood back in episode 96. Granted, his experience was in S. Korea, which would only be relevant to other sellers in S. Korea.

@retipsterseth Thanks, Seth! That makes sense. So if I tried with a title company, they would probably have similar challenges?

@sgurney That’s correct. Your seller can get a notarization done at any US embassy, but the cost is pretty high. The easier alternative is to use a digital notary like https://www.notarize.com/. Your title company can to tell you what is acceptable for your state/county.

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@sgurney I am Italian and I’m currently living in Rome. I buy and sell land in the US but I do it through my LLC. Let me know if I can help.

@rockwood Thanks!