Owners with multiple properties for blind offer letters

How do you all who do blind offers handle owners who have multiple properties (which obviously is very common) when you want to make a blind offer on more than one of their properties?

Do you include all the offers on the same letter (I’m assuming so) and if so how do you go about sorting your excel list for the mail merge to makes sure all the property offers for that owner go on the same offer letter?

I’ve only done postcards so I just only keep one entry for each owner of course.


@wes hi, I started in Land biz just in April but what i do is to eliminate the names duplicates from my list. Does this imply that an owner with 3 properties will be in my list only once? Sure but not a big deal as far as in your blind offer you express your interest to discuss other deals in case he owns additional lots (in that State or out). In my very limited experience it already happened to me twice: a guy owning a lot in AZ that had already sold it by the time he called me back but he was available to sell another property he owned in CA, and another guy owning a property in AZ that had other 14 property in that same subdivision.

@wes An option would be to send one blind offer targeted at only one of their properties and within the letter, include a couple bullet points that mention you’re also interested in purchasing parcels x, y, and z for some respective amount.



I typically pick one of the properties (usually a mid-range of the acreage / value) of the multiple properties owned and send a blind offer for that property. My blind offer letter has language indicating that I am an investor looking for one or more properties in the area. My PatLive phone script also asks if they have other properties they would like for me to consider.

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@karljames makes a lot of sense. Thank You

@arturo makes sense, that’s the same thing I do for postcards. Not sure why I was thinking it had to be different for blind offers. Thanks!

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@wes I try to eleminate duplicates from my offer list to save a little on mail. However, I find that nearly all owners of multiple properties will come back asking if I want to sell others. At the very least when I start my due diligence I find the others they own on Data tree and ask them about it.