PA-Based Investor

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m getting into the land business and hoping I can pick up some tips and tricks from reading and participating in the forums.

I’m based in Southeast PA and have been focusing my efforts so far in-state but might be looking to expand out west since I my pool of counties here seems pretty limited - most I’ve spoken with either aren’t helpful or charge $500 for the delinquent tax list. I did have some limited success with mailing to one county, got 3 responses for 298 mailers. But the list cost me $318 to get and I don’t think any of them will result in a deal. If anyone has suggestions for me to move forward I’d really appreciate it.

On the personal side, I help out with my Church’s Knights of Columbus chapter, I run ultra-marathons, I’m a CFA charterholder, and I just got married in July! Look forward to learning from everyone here!

@mmehring1 welcome! I started with Land in March/April this year so I’m far from being an expert but, on the other side, I definitely feel you: according to what i am experiencing, most of the costs goes into the postage, so I suggest you to use Rocket Print & Mail to send your mails as it is, with no doubts, the cheapest service around. To pull data there are few options but I would suggest a Data Tree subscription. The only other MUST is a phone number (and an email address). All thevrest is a plus, which can be EXTREMELY useful but, still, is a plus, even more if you are on a strict budget.

The business requires some initial Capital to start but what is a business that doesn’t? Just set your monthly budget and reverse engineer to see how many mailers you can send on a monthly base. And keep in mind that if you send 5000 in 5 month it just means it may reasonably take 5 times longer to get the same results of someone mailing that same 5000 in a month but, eventually, you’ll get there.

You are in the right place here to get all the advice you need. Keep going :).
Good luck!

Welcome to the forum @mmehring1 - it’s great to have you here!