Paying for Title

Hello everyone! I am in the process of purchasing a piece of land for $300. The recorder’s office is not helpful in telling me what the process is or what documents need to be completed. I am not comfortable completing any of the paperwork myself. However, it would add about $1,000 in fees because title is unsurprisingly required for title. On one hand, I could try to bake it into the cost and it is tax deductible. On the other hand, I’d prefer not to potentially break even if I have to lower the price. Any advice?

@theivyleagueceo is the county stonewalling you (completely unwilling to offer any feedback) or just not willing to give you a thorough education on what is needed?

You may just need to meet them halfway and spoonfeed it to them in order to get the feedback you need. You could explain exactly which documents you have in-hand and ask how much it will cost to record them. Show that you have some understanding and that just need some clarification in order to pay them.

@retipsterseth I think I’m going to call them tomorrow now that I have obtained 4 different documents I believe they need. However, their recorder website says they don’t give any advice about the process. They advise people to speak to a title company and/or lawyer. Super unhelpful.

Nevertheless, my gut is telling me to hire a title company, bake the costs into the price and deduct it on the LLC taxes. I’m not really interested in learning the particulars of the paperwork for each county/state. Just a personal thing though.