G. Brian Davis Phrogging article is on point. Our CPA had a similar scam experience. He lives here in Northern Ca and maintains a second home in Vegas. He went there and found someone living in his home. He told them to get out and they said no, they had rented the place, for cash from Bob or someone.

He called the cops for breaking and entering. They came out, heard both sides of the story and left saying it is a civil dispute, they could do nothing, take it up in court.

So my friend is frosty, staying in a hotel, waiting for a court date, while dirtbags are living in his house, eating food out of his fridge, using his shower, sleeping on his sheets … I presume they were not the best house keepers. Beware there a nutty people out there doing some nutty things.

@sean-markey seriously?? Wow. I’ve heard crazy stories like this, but that kind of thing is really despicable, especially when it happens to someone you know.

We had gotten into some of this squatting stuff in our conversation with Clint Coons in episode 99 as well. It’s kinda crazy that this kind of stuff can go on for so long. I believe Clint’s team can actually advise on how to handle this kind of thing as well.

REtipster has an affiliate link for Anderson Business Advisors if anyone ever wants to look into that.

@retipsterseth Absolutely serious. Andy and I rode horses together. He is with the County Sheriffs Posse Search and Rescue and a sworn Deputy authorized to carry a weapon. But the airlines frown on that sort of thing. It was a Lawyers, Guns and Money situation. Given the chance I might have been tempted to resort to the middle option!
Liberal courts sometimes see the scam tenant as a victim and offer them tenant rights, notice, quiet enjoyment … Poor tenants, their landlord, Bob took advantage of them, so he is the perp. They knew damn well or should have known if there ever was a landlord Bob collecting cash rent. Beat it and get out of my house.
Will look up episode 99 and Anderson for future reference. Thanks for the tips.