Podcast #111 with Paul Moore rocks!

A big thumbs up for podcast #111 with Paul Moore. If you like people that are open, honest and giving, this is a great way to spend some time learning about business and human nature. At the end of the podcast Jared really nailed the diagnosis of big-shot-ism. It can spread poison when new investors are afraid to ask questions for fear of being ridiculed by the same “gurus”. Thanks for talking about this head-on.

@laurie thanks for sharing your thoughts on the podcast! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

It’s true, bit-shot-ism is a HUGE thing in the real estate space (and probably in all entrepreneurial spaces, to be honest). It can be especially discouraging for those who aren’t arrogant and self-inflating because they feel so small compared to people who overlook their own shortcomings. I suppose it’s one of the many small tragedies in this world.

For everyone’s reference, this is where you can find the conversation: https://retipster.com/111-paul-moore/


@laurie I totally agree…definitely one of my 5 top ones on the REtipsters podcast ! Inspiring and lot of material to elaborate and think about, for example Paul’s advice to find your niche and “become the best” in that, leaving all sparkling objects out, and, as observed by @Jarenb, the opportunity to explore other realities that may be the right path but you’ll never know as long as you don’t try them. About this topic, and being myself a new investor, I personally embrace Paul’s opinion and I choosed US RE (I’m Italian and not living in US) and, within that category, I made LAND my sweet obsession :grin:
Also, i loved the idea of “giving”…it doesn’t really matter how much and to whom but that is powerful indeed.