Postcard mailouts still effective?

I just did my first “campaign”, it was only 276 names that I was able to scrape up. Chalk it up to a newbie figuring things out. I only received 2 responses, and both of them were not worth pursuing ( all kinds of issues on both )

So, this is less than a 1% rate. I’m not sure if most mail was received on a “bad” day ( I mailed them with postcard company on Monday, but it looks like most weren’t received until the following Monday or so), of if it was just a bad list, or a bad state or…if postcard mail campaigns are just a lot less effective than they used to be. I used Seth’s postcard template. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m about to try again with 1100 names and hoping I will get better results, obviously

@robere props to you for taking action! The only downside is, that’s a pretty small campaign. Without more data, it’s hard to say if that response rate is good, bad, or average, based on all the other factors that go into a campaign (your list - which is the biggest thing that can make it or break it, your voicemail greeting, your website - if any).

I’m actually testing out some new postcard templates right now, so I should have some of my own data to share in the not-too-distant future. Hopefully, my new copy will actually be better and not worse… but the only way to find out for sure is to try. :slight_smile: