Potential Scammers

Last week, I had someone inquire about my parcel of land in Arizona (check my profile if interested). I called and e-mailed them but did not get any response. Today, I called them and their TextNow number was disconnected. It gave me chills like maybe it was a potential scammer. Has this happened to anyone?

@theivyleagueceo interesting. What do you think their angle is (how would they try to scam you)?

If they just disconnected their number, that doesn’t necessarily imply ill intent.

@retipsterseth They haven’t responded to any e-mails or phone calls. I’ve heard of people targeting small businesses. I just got spooked.

@theivyleagueceo I suppose the biggest opportunity for someone to scam you would be in the closing process when it comes to the exchange of funds and/or deed. This is why most people use title companies because they have mechanisms in place to catch scammers before it’s too late. If you’re seriously concerned about it on this deal, that might be on way to protect yourself.

@retipsterseth Yeah. I’m just worried about being targeted as a small business. I’ve read horror stories.

@retipsterseth So they responded to my e-mail and sent what appears to be a fake DropBox Link/FILE! Their phone number is still disconnected. They said the file contains questions and financials. These are things that can be discussed without me downloading anything.

Pretty sure it’s a scam. I think they are trying to infect my laptop with virus.

@theivyleagueceo yikes, that does sound fishy. I’m glad you were perceptive enough to catch it before getting too far on that. Thanks for sharing your experience here!

@retipsterseth It is DEFINITELY a scam. They tried to get me to provide my DropBox info via a fake DropBox portal/sign-in page. They also wanted me to download files with questions and financials that were almost certainly malicious.

Be careful out there guys!