Power of Attorney Purchase Agreement/Self Close

Looking for guidance on a new situation. I have come to an agreement on a lot with a son who has power of attorney for his mom who he says has extreme dementia. She is listed as the sole owner on the deed. A couple of questions on this.

  1. Who would I list on the purchase agreement. The son or his mom?
  2. With a self close on this would I only need to have the Power of Attorney recorded along with the deed or is there any additional documentation I will likely need?

@jasonpdykstra I think you would list the mom on the PA as the seller. When the son signs the agreement, you would just need to include the original copy of the power of attorney document and record it along with the deed to show evidence that his signature is effectively the same as hers. That’s my non-legal answer for you. :slight_smile:

If it were me, I would just be recording those two together. If you have a relationship with any title companies, you could always give them a call and just ask the question. They could probably give you a solid answer in 30 seconds.