(Presales question) Buying 10-20k properties

Hey Seth et al.

Quick question regarding the land investing course. I understand that the focus is getting the tax delinquency lists in order to build a mailing list for blind offers. Is this the recommended method for purchasing properties that are in the $10-20K range? Or, is there another method recommended when you get to the higher price points?


@justinf, I would say that in my experience I have seen properties of wide ranging values end up on tax delinquent lists; definitely not only limited to relatively low-value properties.

Some of the list sources that get talked about on this board and elsewhere are where you can find leads, aside from tax delinquent lists. DataTree is a common one. Seth has a number of blog articles and videos about using it to pull leads. Plug for Seth’s affiliate link for it: https://retipster.com/datatree.

@dl7573 Appreciate the reply, thanks. Joined the masterclass :slight_smile:

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