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Hi, my name is Jon and I’m new to the forum. I’m new to land and have been doing some mailers with not much success. I have moved on to a new county and am trying to break down the pricing per zip. I’m pricing 2-5 acres but am running into a lot problems with comps mostly being infill lots under an acre. Is there a way to use the infill lot comps to create pricing for the lots I want to mail to. The infill lots are comping at about $64,000 per acre on average. I hope my question makes sense and I appreciate any help.

@cqfinvest pricing per zip could work, but it still depends a lot on the variability of the properties within that zip code. There can still be big swings, even within a single zip code.

You may be working in an area where blind offers are more difficult to price. You could try sending a range offer or neutral letter instead. They take a bit more time to process when the calls come in, but they’re a lot faster and easier to get sent out.

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@mattpayne thank you for help!

@cqfinvest since you’re looking for comps. check out this tool: - might make things a bit easier when working on pricing.

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