Pricing Parcels for Your First Mailer: Tools and Best Practices?

Hey friends!

I am sure this is beating a dead horse. I am getting my first mailer out in a few days, but I am seriously struggling with pricing. I am just wondering what tools everyone uses? What is the best “new guy” approach? I have Prycd and I am not super impressed. I just want to learn how to do it myself so that I know how to do it accurately in the future? I want to teach myself the right way now and not get any bad habits. Thanks!

@gwilkins234 have you seen the Pricing Offers Intensive (Bonus #6) in the Land Investing Masterclass? I interviewed @JT recently and he dished out some very helpful details on how he prices his offers at a large scale (hint: it takes a lot of time to do it accurately).

As for PRYCD, what problems are you seeing with it? Is there something you were expecting to see that wasn’t there? It’s not a complete solution to pricing, but more of an 80/20 lever that can help you eliminate a lot of monotonous work you would otherwise have to do manually… but even so, it doesn’t produce a complete and perfect set of information.

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@gwilkins234 also going to leave you with our Chrome extension which honestly makes scraping and analyzing comps in the area a lot easier.

Here’s a great explanation from @rockwood

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