Program for pulling a list of properties in a specific area


I was wondering if anyone knows of a program that would let me draw a box or other shape around a particular area and then pull a list of all the properties within that area? I know agent pro has something like that, but it looks like they're limited to 2000 downloads/month for $120 which seems a bit pricey.

@dan Dan, Check with , I know you can pull a radius around a city and at 19.95/mth is a far cry better than what you quoted. Good luck. One more thing if it works for you and you mention I referred you we both get 200 free lines of data. Not a bad deal if indeed it will work for you. Be well I hope this helps.

@dan for what it's worth, DataTree can do this exact same thing (just like AgentPro247).

If Prycd can also do it at a better price, then that could be a solid option too.

I do it all the time on Data Tree. Works great


For what it's worth, all lines of data including comps on PRYCD are pulled directly from Datatree , and at .07/ record at this time .

@bootstrapbill yep, I'm aware of that. Working with DataTree would just allow you to get it directly from the source instead of working through an intermediary... but if PRYCD has some additional feature that makes this specific function (drawing polygons around the target area) easier, then that would be another thing to consider.

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@dan AgentPro also has “a la carte” pricing where you can buy data dollars in $15 increments to be used either for pulling lists ($0.05/record, if I remember correctly) or for running property reports. I never have done a subscription with them. I just add money to my account as needed for pulling lists whenever I’m ready. As far as I know, you should be able to use this with the polygon feature.