Prop Stream vs Data Tree

Hi! Getting ready to do my first searches and trying to decide between Data Tree and Prop Stream. Obviously there is a price difference - is Prop Stream worth the increased cost? If it is, I’ll totally do it! I am looking to search for dilapidated mobile home or house properties with a small rural acreage. Thanks for the input!

(Also, does Prop Stream have the county data for tax lien properties, not just tax sales?)

@klhaugan I’m doing the free 7-day trial of PropStream and so far I like it. And yes, PropStream has the data for tax liens.

If you’re planning to pull a lot of lists each month, PropStream might end up being less expensive than DataTree, because DataTree charges you per lead that you download, whereas PropStream is a flat monthly fee up to 10,000 leads per month.

My only real annoyance with PropStream was that it’s clearly designed for house investors and not land investors (it’s missing some very basic features in their filtering criteria and search functionality, etc). But the limitations aren’t a deal-breaker. You can definitely work around them if you decide PropStream is what you like better.

Otherwise, the price isn’t bad for what it is and it gives you some other skip tracing options that DataTree doesn’t provide.

Either one can work fine, just depends which one you like better.

@retipsterseth Have you found another resource to date that you prefer over propstream for land? Thanks!

@dca DataTree is still my go-to. It’s not perfect, and PropStream does offer some cool stuff that DataTree doesn’t (namely skip tracing), but I’m most familiar with DT at this point. It’s east to find what I’m looking for and it fits like an old shoe.