PropStream Data Out of Date

Hello. I recently received a blind offer for a piece of land that I had owned and sold in 2019. I double checked the county records and the county has the buyer’s name on record as the owner of the property now.

My first mailing of 916 is just about to go out. The data was pulled from Propstream because I thought it would be cheaper for me to spend $100 a month and be able to get 10,000 records. They allow easy filtering of vacant land records, too. Sound great right? I thought so.

Until I received the above mentioned blind offer. I then wondered where this investor is pulling his data from that is so outdated. I sure hope Propstream is current on their data since I just started using them…so I hopped on to Propstream and checked. I found the lot that I owned until 2019. Sure enough Propstream still lists me as the owner which is a few years outdated.

I’ll need a new data source. I guess I will give DataTree a try. I wish I could try their data out before I commit to a year.

Just wanted to share my experience with Propstream. They’ve been great until I found this one outdated record.

@jchou that’s unfortunate. For what it’s worth, it could be that the county itself is a little behind in reporting the change.

I recently found that one of my properties took about 6 months to show me as the new owner online. I was honestly shocked because this is in a major county with a huge population base… there’s no reason why it should’ve been delayed that long, but it was (maybe due to COVID, but hard to say).

Granted, you’re talking about a few years here, which is way worse than my situation. Either way, I hope you’re able to find another data service that can fill in the gaps.

@jchou I recently tried PropStream for a couple of months, hoping it would be a good data source for mailing offers on vacant land. The low cost of data is very appealing. I found two issues that caused me to cancel my subscription.

  1. There is no way to determine how recently the data was updated. I asked customer support about this, and was told to send them a list of my counties of interest. I requested information on five counties but never received a reply.
  2. Data downloads do not include latitude/longitude coordinates. This was a deal killer for me because I cannot calculate zip code level pricing without this information.
    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

@john-pitkin I’m going to cancel and use DataTree like I should have in the first place.