Propstream/Propertyrader/Data Tree....HELP. What to use for a new land investor?

Hi friends!

My name is Greg and I am a new land investor trying to get my feet under me. I am wondering if you guys could shed some light on what platform is best, with the most up to date information including tax information. I have watched many videos on this, but not sure what one people prefer for someone starting out. What platform also has the best bang for the buck. I am new so I want to be sure I am set up right to start. Thanks!

Hey @gregory-c-wilkins! I know it’s easy to feel stuck with the abundance of information out there.

When we think about “which data service is best?” it’s like golfers trying to figure out which brand of driver is the best.

Does the brand make a difference? Yeah, probably. But what makes a MUCH bigger difference is getting out there, taking shots, and practicing your swing—a lot.

Any data service is useful, and each one excels in some ways more than others, but what makes a data service work is figuring out how to filter the data properly for the market you’re in (hint: it’s not a static set of criteria that works the same in every county) figuring out what works and adjusting your next campaign when it doesn’t work as you’d hoped. The benefit you’ll get from action is WAY more than deliberating about which data service is perfect.

To make a long answer short, just pick one and go with it! They’re all going to be extremely powerful tools with minor strengths and weaknesses, but none of them will be a “bad” decision if you put the time into learning what filtering options are available.

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