Hello RE Tipster Fam, I purchased my Propstream account with SFR in mind… Now that my attention has moved to land, I would like to network and share list ideas, strategies, wins etc. surrounding list pulling from the Propstream Platform. Any land investors in the Tipster forum utilizing this data?? Lets get the discussion going.

I was talking with @Josie about PropStream recently and he mentioned that it ended up being very helpful in giving him critical information on a recent land deal (I think he said it had current data that wasn’t available on the other data services).

Anyway, I think it actually was designed more with house wholesalers in mind, but that’s not to say there’s no place for it in the land business.

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@shane I haven’t used PropStream to pull a list for mailing Vacant Land specifically. I have used it to upload a list I pulled directly from the County Assessor, similar to initiating a “batch order” on Data Tree. I do like how Propstream is much cheaper for pulling records, essentially 1 cent per record with the base level membership I think? The only major flaw I have noticed so far is that PropStream doesn’t provide nearly as many fields of data as a service like DataTree or AgentPro. That may or may not matter to you though.

What @retipsterseth said is correct. There have been 3 different circumstances now where PropStream had recently sold comps in their database that were not available on Zillow, Data Tree or even the County Assessor website! I’m not sure how PropStream would have this data and the County Assessor would NOT have that data posted? I confirmed the data was correct by searching on the County Recorder/Comptroller website. Maybe PropStream has a direct feed from the Recorder’s office? That being said, there have also been a few instances where Propstream did NOT have some recently sold comps in their database but DataTree DID have those comps in their database. I’m still quite new to all of this so I don’t have a deep understanding of how data feeds work on the back end.