Purchasing properties with notes

Hello ,
Up until now I have only sent mail to people who own their land outright. I decided to try a test run on properties with loans. I plan to complete the sales with title and escrow but for some reason I feel like I’m missing something. Does anyone have any insight or potential problems I could face. I don’t think there was a module in the course on this.
Thanks for any advice.

Thanks, Andy

@ascheurer if you’re sending mail to people who only land only with no improvements, your list will probably be smaller because most lots are owned free and clear (not all are, but most are, I believe).

I don’t know about any “problems” you’ll face, but you might find some of the lots are being used a collateral for another property. For example, if someone has a commercial loan that required more collateral, so they offered up their vacant lot (so the loan isn’t really for the lot itself, it was just grabbed by the lender to shore up their collateral position).

There are probably other situations, but I can’t think of what they’d be.


Hi Matt, If someone used a lot for collateral shouldn’t that be recorded with the county?