Quality of LandVision Data Lists in Comparison with DataTree

There are no results when I search LandVision. Does anyone use them and if so, how quality are their data lists compared to DataTree?

Hey @jhb-0, I actually just heard from @callanfaulkner who is putting together a group where she’s going to offer discounted access to LandVision (it’s normally quite expensive… but the cost is a lot less if you sign up through her) AND she’ll actually teach you how to use it, which is a huge deal.

If you’re interested, you can check it out here: https://keap.page/wd963/land-vision-boot-camp.html

Tell them that Seth Williams/REtipster sent you if you decide to sign up!

@retipsterseth Thanks, Seth. I had actually already signed up because I am on Callan’s email list. I appreciate the info though.

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@jhb-0 glad to hear it! Let us know how it goes. I’m sure others will be interested in this too.

@jhb-0 I heard that landvision is not as good for rural land as DT, but I haven’t verified that myself. Can anyone confirm?