Question about Selling Land Without Terms

Does anyone sell land without offering terms? I’m not really interested in selling with terms and have noticed that many land investors aren’t currently selling land with them. Any advice for getting land sold without terms? Any particular reason why I should/should not always sell land with terms?

@TheIvyLeagueCEO - I very seldomly sell on terms, typically I take the cash price and re-invest the money on the next property. If the land has sufficeint value / margin - I use a realtor to market it. If not, I use Craigslist, flat fee realtors and various other marketingsites like

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@karljames Thank you. I use multiple websites for due diligence, and I see almost no land terms being used!

@theivyleagueceo depending on the value of the property, you might want to lower the price a bit and/or wait a bit longer to find your buyer. I’ve got the same approach as Karl. It can be done, but there are tradeoffs both ways.

@retipsterseth Thank you very much Seth!!