Question About Tax Foreclosure Purchases: Do Back Taxes Need to Be Paid Before Closing?

Hello. I’m new to this forum. Quick question I think I know the answer to, but just wanted to verify. When buying raw land from a tax foreclosure list do the back taxes have to be paid prior to closing on the deal? In order to transfer deed. In my county most of the tax delinquent parcels are in the thousands plus the sales price if you agree on a price with the owner.

Thanks for any information on this.

@reinvestor yep. In the tax sales I’ve been to, the full price (which includes all back due taxes) is due immediately after the auction by the winning bidder. You have to be ready to pay in cash at the time of sale.

Thanks for that information. I’m assuming it’s the same when you buy prior to auction direct from seller?

@reinvestor, when buying directly from the seller, you would need to pay off the taxes at or before the time you get the deed recorded (assuming you’re buying with a warranty deed).