Question Regarding Sending Out My FIRST Delinquent Tax List Mailing

Hello all! I am a recent graduate of the Land Investing Masterclass (THANKS SETH!! … FIRST class course!!) and have already set up my business entity, obtained my custom designed logo, have my buying website, about to receive the delinquent tax list for my first mailing and have a couple of questions:

1.) I prefer to mail out letters as opposed to postcards so would you recommend that I send them on my company letterhead and envelope with my logo on them or send them in a generic envelope with generic letter?
2.) Would you send out a generic “I buy land” letter or would you utilize the “Blind Offer Letter” that’s in Seth’s course downloads?

Obviously my goal is to get the best response rate possible.

Thanks to all in advance!!

If you’re going to call out that they have delinquent taxes, definitely use a letter and not a postcard. Have back due taxes is a sensitive matter and some people won’t want that emblazoned on a postcard for anyone to see.

I usually go neutral with delinquent tax lists, because you never know what might come back and you might not want every property from every motivated seller. It’s also a lot faster to get the mailers out the door with a neutral message. Blind offers can take a long time to price, and I would imagine you’ve already spent enough time just getting that list ready.

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Hey @tgraytn! Thanks for going through the course! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

As for your questions, @mattpayne said it well. Regarding the company logo and letterhead, I’ve seen it done both ways. If you don’t already have your company branding all figured out, I wouldn’t let this hold you back. Including a special letterhead doesn’t make a massive difference overall. It has more to do with what your letter says, what your offer price is (keep in mind, this number is mostly a conversation starter, and the higher your number is, the more likely you’ll be to start a conversation). If you can find any ways to make your letter look or sound unique, that can help. If you aren’t a professional copywriter, you could always try working with a company like REIPrintMail, as they have these templates pretty well figured out, and you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

The danger with blind offers is that if you price them too low, you’ll basically end the conversation before it starts. If you price them too high, you’ll start many conversations on the wrong foot. Conversely, with a neutral message, you’re leaving the door open for a lot more people. If you don’t know what you’re doing yet, a neutral letter would probably be safer.

Thanks Matt! I appreciate your response and that makes perfect sense!!

Thanks Seth! I’ll be referring to this course a lot! Again, VERY helpful!!

Since I already have all of my branding in place, I’ll plan on incorporating it into my mail pieces and keep them neutral. Both you and Matt make very valid points and so that’s what I plan to do! Thank you for responding!!

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