Questions list for website

I am making a list of qualifying questions for selles to answer on my website. I know seth did this along time ago and i would love to know what are your best questions and things to know when buying the property and qualifying the lead?

@evan102 have you ever had a conversation with a motivated seller on the phone before? If so, what questions would you ask them to qualify the prospect?

Those are the questions you would want to include in your form.

Anything you would need to be fully informed and able to make an educated offer.

@donyost okay so what are some questions you ask?

They may be structured better than mine.

@evan102 I did this last year. My assumption was that I would save a lot of time by having the sellers answer all the questions online. I made the form extremely detailed. It took a lot of work and everyone that has entered the form has bounced.

My realization is that people want to make a very simple request and then get the offer. I’m pretty sure they bail as soon as there is a question that they can’t answer.

But I also set up the form in two parts. In the first section they just enter their contact info. Then if they bail on the second section of the form I get a notifcation email with their contact info and I have someone call to follow up.


@suitedconnector That’s really smart with the split form!

I will try a more basic form to get started and see how that travels. Thanks for your input

I like to talk to the sellers, hear their story. I can look up almost everything I need to know as I’m talking to them.

One guy last week, from the satellite it looked like no legal access, so I asked him "how do you get out to the place, is there a road? And he says, no he parks at the neighbor’s place and takes atv’s through the other guy’s back gate with his permission. Which is a pretty common situation.

So I said, ok do you think (Mr Neighbor) would be willing to sign a permanent easement? Because I’m worried if he passes away and the kids don’t know me or you or anything about our handshake deal."

Of course the seller already knows all this. So he kind of sighed and said yeah let me check with the old man. I don’t expect to hear back from him but I might ping him again if I need a piece of land like that.