Quiet Title Suit in North Carolina

Can anyone recommend a Quiet Title Suit in North Carolina? I have a property under the contract with a complicated ownership situation. My seller is the only living son for the person recorded on the deed. There is no will, just death certificate. All siblings are gone but there is lot of their children. My client only paid taxes for the property, since nobody cared about it. I have already buyer lined up, but the ownership situation is complicated. Is there a way to resolve it relatively quickly.

I got advised to look for Quiet Title expert. Please Help!

@landinggrp, I have not personally dealt with a quiet title situation yet, and don’t have any specific attorney recommendations for this in North Carolina.

I did just want to respond, though, and suggest this article by Seth that describes quiet title action in detail: https://retipster.com/terms/quiet-title-action/

And while I can’t personally say whether this would be an option in your particular case or not, I also heard this service mentioned by another prominent land investor on a podcast one time, as a supposedly less expensive alternative to quiet title: https://www.taxtitleservices.com/quiet-title-alternative

I’d be very interested in learning more about what you find out, if you do proceed and resolve this issue on your property.


Hi David,
Thanks for getting back to me. I read the article and called Tax Title service. Tax Title Service only helps with lots purchased at the Tax Auctions, which is not my case.
It looks like that NC is one of the states where you can’t claim the property after paying the taxes for years. Everything has to go through the probate process which can be long and expensive. I was hoping for a quick solution. Would you like to buy my contract :blush:?

@landinggrp, depends on the numbers…but probably not. :blush:

Sorry to hear it! Despite the name, I found Tax Title Services’ website a bit unclear as to whether their solution was limited only to tax auction properties or not, since they do describe properties with inheritance/probate issues, etc., too. Too bad they can’t help. Possibly worth a consultation with a probate attorney, or real estate attorney familiar with probate issues?

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@landinggrp There are a host of questions that come to mind. How did sellers parents come into title? this is critical for the probate issue. why do you think this is a probate issue? I don’t disagree that an attorney would be necessary. but you might be premature. layout the descent and devise tree as best as you can. The probate may only cost you a few bucks per family member. is there room in your contract? need to ID them and get a spokes person and set up an account for them to qcd their interest for a share of the fund. But it would be important to ID the heirs. Just some thoughts. Don’t know North Carolina law but am familiar with Devise and descent in FL in theory.